Friday, December 19, 2014

Flash! Friday, Vol. 3 – 2: Double Life

Flash Friday, December 19, 2014

Christmas Edition

Every Friday our challenge is to craft a 150-word story (10-word leeway) based on the photo prompt. Here's this week's picture--and my Christmas story:

Wanted: Santa Claus. CC artwork by Kevin Dooley.

Double Life
(156 words)

Every year when Christmas rolls around, She of Soft Hands places me on my mantel perch. I survey my festive domain: the tree, the lights, the bows, the tinsel. I’m happy.

Until he comes.

When She of Soft Hands leaves the house, Wicked One sneaks over and snatches me.

Rather than Man of the Month, I become:

     Saint Nicked-the-presents, booked at the LEGO police station

     Claus-trophobic, dropped in a LEGO castle dungeon

     Krispy Kringle, caught in the crossfire between LEGO Jedi and the Dark Side

     Father Christmas-past (or was it future?), crammed in a LEGO DeLorean

And, to add insult to injury, he records my shame and parades it on the Internet for other 12-year-old boys to scorn. “LEGOmoviemaker0001,” indeed.

Where’s the love? Wouldn’t this be considered naughty? I’m questioning all that I represent.

Oh no… She of Little Sticky Hands has grabbed me. Nooooo! Please, not the LEGO Barbie Fashion Boutique.

Dammit. I’m Santa Claus-dresser.

Thanks for stopping by. Try your hand at flash fiction--it can be addicting! 

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