Sunday, December 28, 2014

Flash! Friday, Vol 3 – 3: Hidden in Plain Sight

Flash Friday Challenge, December 27, 2014

Every Friday our challenge is to craft a 150-word story (10-word leeway) based on the photo prompt. Here's this week's picture--and my story:
Edmonton Chinese New Year. CC photo by IQRemix.

Hidden in Plain Sight

My fingers linger over the last loop of my festival creation, relishing what’s to come, reluctantly reliving the past.

Freedom. I remember freedom, fitting in, living large, and taking life for granted.

Falling. I remember falling, my hands outstretched, the wind whooshing in my ears as I sought to stop the inevitable.

Heat. I remember heat, blinding yellows and reds enveloping me, burning me.

Pain. I remember pain, the soul-searing pain that screamed for weeks.

Horror. I remember horror, the revolted expressions etched in the sideways stares of people on the street.

Pity. I remember pity, poorly hidden in friends’ words of forced cheerfulness.

I lift the mask and slip it over my head, hiding the scars, the visible angry memories. Edging into the crowd, I lose myself in the masquerade. My heart rejoices as I am welcomed into the sea of revelers.

Dancing. I remember dancing. How could I forget?

Tonight, I am free, once again.

(157 words)

Thanks for stopping by. Try your hand at flash fiction--it can be addicting! 

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