Saturday, January 24, 2015

Flash! Friday, Vol 3 – 7: New Tires

Flash! Friday Challenge, January 23, 2015

Every Friday we're challenged to craft a short story. These days the story is limited to 200 words (with a 10-word leeway) based on the photo prompt. A special element is required, and it varies weekly. This week's requirement is a BEACH setting. Here's this week's picture--and my story:

Old Woman. CC2.0 photo by Giorgio Grande.
Old Woman. CC2.0 photo by Giorgio Grande.

New Tires
(202 words)

I was born by the ocean, or at least I believe I was. My earliest memories echo with the shouts of children cheering my efforts to outrun a sea breeze’s sweet embrace. Delighted, I’d race the swirling, pounding surf and laugh when it flung foam in my path.

Years passed. I connected with companions, over and over again, but I couldn’t commit. Whispered caresses, bursts of exhilaration, ephemeral flames on the ever-shifting sands of time. Nothing more. Never the same person twice. A shallow, pay-by-the-hour lifestyle.

I thought I was happy. I was ignorant.

Eventually, cracks formed in my gleaming façade, revealing my age. Wind-blown wisdom lines, I liked to call them. Visits from friends dwindled, and I was left to dawdle my days away in shadow. Alone. My time in the sun had passed. I was dying.

Then, miraculously, my angel arrived. She led me into the light, her touch soft and forgiving as she covered the worst of my cracks, applying a balm of soothing color. She granted me new life, new energy, new purpose, and new tires.

Now we ride, my forever friend and I, along curving country lanes. Together.

I am free. I am happy. I am loved.

** This story was selected as 2nd runner-up in this week's Flash! Fiction contest.The competition was amazing, so I feel very honored that my story found its way to the top of the list. Thank you! **

Thanks for stopping byTry your hand at flash fiction--it can be addicting! 

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