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Flash! Friday, Vol 3 – 8: The Legacy

Flash! Friday Challenge, January 30, 2015

Every Friday we're challenged to craft a short story. These days the story is limited to 200 words (with a 10-word leeway) based on the photo prompt. A special element is required, and it varies weekly. This week's requirement is a CONFLICT BETWEEN TWO MEN. 

Here's this week's picture--and my story:
Kinderspiel. CC2.0 photo by Hartwig HKD.
Kinderspiel. CC2.0 photo by Hartwig HKD.
The Legacy
(210 words)

“Dry as a bone.” I scrutinize the cracked, warped mud stretching out before us.

”Why did you ask me to meet you here, Dad? It’s bloody hot.”

“I thought that would be obvious.”

“Our tree.” My son’s voice drops and he nudges a clay shard with his toe, sending it skipping.


He gazes at the leaves rustling above us. “How does it still have leaves? It should be dried and dead.”

I reach out and trail my fingers across the tree’s trunk, a lifetime of memories captured in the deep cracks and burly knots of the graying bark. “Because I water it every day.”

He raises his eyebrows. “It’s a half-mile walk from the house. Why?”

“It’s where we laughed and talked and skipped rocks. Where I watched you grow into a man. I couldn’t lose that.”

“An escape from the world of business, you’d say.” A smile flickers across my son’s face.

“A short-lived escape.”

He bristles and then sighs a pained huff of a thousand been-theres. “How often must I apologize about my company diverting the water? It was a business decision. Is that why I’m here?”

“Nope. Wanted to tell you that I have only one month to live. And I’m leaving the tree to you.”

** Thanks for stopping by. Try your hand at flash fiction--it can be addicting! **

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